Joey Hiller

Who's this guy?

Throughout grade school I was very focused on science, math, and technology. As I graduated into university, I followed the path of an engineering degree until two years later I found a supreme lack of creativity in my life. At that point I shifted my focus 180 degrees to pursue a degree in studio art. My school had a fantastic program for both engineering and art, and I feel I was able to extract the best of both disciplines. I was also likely one of just a few in the history of my school to graduate with an art degree emphasizing in photography and graphic design as well as decent understanding of calculus, chemistry, programming, and mechanics.

The disciplines combined put me in a unique position when I moved to San Francisco immediately after graduation. When I moved I was not aware of the demand for the ‘web hybrid’. I took an internship as a designer, but my skill for code was quickly realized. Tasks quickly shifted from, “Make me some banner ads” to “Let’s completely redo our iPhone app” or, “Let’s try something drastically cutting edge for this new product launch”. It was only a short time until I signed on as a full-time employee. Since that time I’ve redesigned entire e-commerce platforms and built out special elements to promote and sell my company’s products.

Me chasing birds at Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo

Me chasing birds at Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo

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When I approach a redesign of my own portfolio, I take it as an opportunity to learn as many new topics as possible as well as create something that feels ‘new’ to the internet. This time around, I took the opportunity to explore Node.js. I’ve had limited experience with Node on a second-hand basis in the past; both of the winning hackathon projects I worked on operated via a Node backend.
You can learn more about the tech and process behind this site within the case study Portfolio 2014.


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